Thursday, October 15, 2009


i love Havi and Shiva Nata i am so glad i found them on the internets!

here's to the wackiness of flailing my arms about for 3 minutes or less and it's incredible ability to move my crap and open my heart and make my shoulders less stone like

so prior to flailing my ares about i was down in the dumps. blah. unmotivated. exhausted. uninspired. a big poo-poo head. and now i am undoing all that with questions and flailing (not failing-flailing) because life is way more fun when you embrace your flailings

what do i need now?
the release of fear from my body
space to relax into me
more shiva nata
some exercises and a hot tub

what is next?
letting thing percolate
reminding myself to stop digging up the awesome seeds i have planted
play! remembering what i do for play!
walks in the fall leaves, collecting leaves.

umm seriously... to stop worrying about this question is the very best thing that could happen in my life right now

what would help me?
to just STOP and breath, even for 5 minutes

what is missing?
ease of mind, body and spirit
leaf kicking
what do i forget to tell myself?
life is about fun and taking things to seriously/stressing is how you get sick
if god/spirit/universe really do exist then why am i fighting so hard when i can just ask them for help

what is the most important thing right now?
sleep (i think there might be a repetitive pattern occurring here)
playing at chopping down things in your yard
walking in leaves
remembering to embrace grace
asking the divine for help and receiving it

*look that heart is some of my new art and it's gonna live on my new website someday soon.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

i can't believe i haven't written this yet

Reflexology for cold and flu prevention or to expedite the one you already have

Work your hands and fingers to help sinus congestion, and respiratory health

Gently pinch the webbing in between each finger several times. You can also drag from webbing down into the palm of your hand (this stimulated lymph drainage)

Gently squeeze the fingers from the base (web) to the tip, squeeze all sides of the finger and give an extra squeeze and slight pull at each knuckle.

this also works on your toes and feels especially nice if someone else does it for you.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

athlete's foot

I got a request for what can i do about my athlete's foot? It keep coming back...annoying! so here are some thoughts.

The main culprit in athlete's foot is moisture. Air drying between toes is very important as most people just jump out of the shower and put on socks without taking time to dry their feet. Use a hairdryer or sit down and towel dry between each toe manually.

You might need a drying agent in your shoes if your feet get really sweaty-baking soda or powder will do the trick.

If you can wash your shoes that might help kill any fungus in there or just drying them for a few minutes on high heat will kill the fungus. If your shoe are leather try an essential oil like lavender or tea tree, spray in in shoes and on feet and let it dry. You don't want to keep putting your feet in shoes that are infected so clean them up in some way.

Socks... make sure they breathe, that your feet have enough room in your shoes to breathe. Athlete's foot like warm, moist cramped dark spaces... give your feet some breathing space and watch it disappear. you might need to change socks for a bit to some with more wicking ability, or natural fiber like bamboo that are anti-fungal and naturally move water away from the body.


Monday, September 28, 2009


dragging through and yet amazingly energetic and inspired... i feel at odds with myself.

how is Grace(my intention for Sept) supporting me? well it's helping me cope, it's pointing out moments of space, it's allowing me to say NO and to take better self care in stress.

how do i want Grace to lighten my issues this week? well i am having a money freak out and yet have been gifted the opportunity to teach again this weekend so money will follow in a bit... but it's feeling tight and i am feeling the extra pounds i have packed on this year. that may be due to my increase in working out or it could just be that i have finally looked at myself for the first time in 9 months, so i'd love some compassion and some hope that i can shed this emotional weight.

who or what is giving me energy? travel! i am traveling for work! and this is what i have always wanted and i am doing it and succeeding and having fun!
friends, tea and grapes harvested from my parents yard! amazing things those grapes!

what quality would i like to call in? i'd like to remember to take time to meditate. i know it's not a quality but it will give me calm, clarity, comfort, trust, love, epiphanies.

i'd also like to build in time to dance and move my beautiful body.

and a new thing i am adding and expecting the universe to provide a solution to within the week
my question for the week...
how can i shed these emotional/physical/mental burdens?


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

linking you to the incredible

so I have this amazing friend who read my last post and went and did the research for me. thank you love! she needs a job, anyone need an amazing research lady, or general admin help or a personal assistant in portland area? cause she will rock your world and make your life sooooo much easier.

anita is an incredible body/mind healer who also creates beautiful jewelry full of simple messages

and aimee is an amazing psychic who works with really cools "peeps" and translates their messages into things we can utilize and understand. she is also in process of birthing a book which i shall link to once it has materialized.

today is feeling a bit more grounded. i am taking the opportunity of good weather to paint the bathroom floor, clean out the garage and i saved some reject plants form home depot yesterday so i must get them into the ground to thrive. spouse used the good weather to escape and he paddled over to our favorite place, blake island for the evening. i shall pick him up sometimes soon.

did anyone in seattle see last nights incredible redREDred sunset! AMAZING!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

on retreats and the processing that happens after

this weekend i was on retreat doing interplay and the oracle way with some amazing and talented individuals. here is the host Leah the others i shall find and link to them as i can

when on retreat it's like you are having a continuous inflow of information pouring into every pore of your body. there is nothing like a good retreat.

witnessing others processes and then finding answers for yourself in their experience. amazing!

but then you have to come back to the real world. and everything gets a bit wonky, strange and like you are moving through molasses.

in someways it is a brilliant opportunity to re-examine whats important and what is ready to be purged.

today while taking down the laundry i was hit with a huge wave of gratitude and sadness. i was so thankful for this amazing day, for the sunflowers, the heat, the clothes drying outside this late in September. so much simple joy and delight.

and then the sadness hit and i long to stay in this simplicity, to live as we once did where the daily tasks of tending to your land mattered far more then money. i didn't sign up to support my family for over a year, i expected things to flow easier for my spouse and i never thought i would still be in the same place i was last year at this time. yes i have learned so much and grown a tremendous amount but i am just as financially stuck.

had i known this was where i would be a year from now... well i would have made 3000 other choices. and i understand that this is an issue affecting hundreds of thousands of people so i am not alone, but that may also be why it hurts so bad.

so how to return to the simplicity and the gratitude and the ease. cause it exists side by side and if i can experience such grounded connectivity in a weekend retreat why can't i capture a piece of that for myself today.

perhaps i shall dance a bit to return to the trust that everything comes as needed and i am extremely blessed.

whatever is moving through it is a HUGE reminder that just because you have left the retreat you are still likely to be processing the information for days after. just know this and allow the feeling to come up and move out, then the new information can take residence.

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I found these rules to live by today and although I don't like the idea of rules I thought these ones were pretty ok for rules. These pre-date the commandments, in case you like that kind of information.

1. Examine life

2. Worry only about those things under your control

3. Treasure friendship

4. Experience true pleasure

5. Master yourself

6. Avoid excess

7. Be a responsible human being

8. Don't be a prosperous fool

9. Don't do evil to others

10. Kindness to others tends to be rewarded

i need to work extra hard on 2 & 4 & maybe 8


Monday, September 14, 2009

it's monday!

time to manifest

how is grace supporting me?
it is helping me dance through the freak out of very few clients coming in
it is helping me see financial challenges and part of growing up and learning opportunities instead of oh f*** moments
it is finding me a new opening that i LOVE LOVE LOVE and cannot wait to bring into this world
it is bringing me moments of grace which makes everything feel easier

how do i want grace to lighten my issues?
i can use some more peace around not making enough money to live on
it can bring my partner a job
it can dance some more clients into my awareness
it can help me create the curriculum for the Muse project

who or what is giving me energy?
those amazing women who just walked the 60 miles for breast cancer
bollywood films... dancing in my very lame way throughout the day

what quality would i like to call in?
i could use some faith, trust and hope to get through my money mindset
also i'd like some energy and feeling tapped and not sure what's up with that, so clarity on what i need change, or who zapped me or just more energy.


spinning straw, confronting the shadow

This is an article by

Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson

She writes a lovely monthly newsletter called "The Nudge" which encourages one to take risks in the creative arena, mainly put forth your knowledge into a book. You can reach her at 206.905.9343 or email her at

talking about the tale of Rumplestiltskin...
Psychoanalyze this tale a bit and you'll see that Rumplestiltskin is part of the personality of the miller's daughter. In the Freudian vocabulary, he is her Id. For you Jungians, he is the Shadow. But whatever you call it, Rumplestiltskin represents a creative force that the girl has within her from the start. She just doesn't realize it.
And that's where we all are. We all have the power to spin straw - to transform our mundane abilities and talents - into gold - into our hearts' desire. We might need some level of desperation to see this, maybe not a threat of death, but something that shakes us out of the status quo. And even then, like the miller's daughter, we're more likely to weep and wail than to take action. We need a nudge, but we also need to be daring.
Daring to use our hidden powers - that side of us that is reckless, creative, even dangerous - that is what delivers amazing results.
It's also what terrifies us.

The miller's daughter got what she wanted - three rooms of gold, a powerful husband and a baby - and decided she no longer needed her creative muse. She sent Rumplestiltskin packing (to the netherworld, according to most versions of the tale; Freud and Jung would concur). In the traditional world of the fairy tale, anyone with an active Id is in trouble. Better to settle down.
But many of us settle down long before we fulfill our dreams. We banish our inner Rumplestiltskin way too early. We play it safe. We are terrified, actually, of how wonderful we could be if we let ourselves be our true selves. Our Id is dangerous, that's a fact. But it can be activated and controlled.
This week, think a bit about Rumplestiltskin. See if your unconscious comes up with some terrific new idea that you've never had before, simply because you've invited your Id to play a part in your life. This is precisely what happened to me this week.
And the question, remember, is not really "straw or gold?" It's really "death or gold?" Which will you choose?

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